Download video speed controller

download video speed controller

  • No.2: Video Speed Controller - Speed Control Extension for Browser
  • Microsoft Edge Addons
  • Chrome Web Store
  • No.1: 5KPlayer - Video Player with Speed Control for Mac/Windows
  • When the video is playing, right-click on it and choose "Speed" to change video speed. Step 4. Choose the speed mode you prefer.

    No.2: Video Speed Controller - Speed Control Extension for Browser

    Step 1. As you have owned 5KPlayer on your computer, just use it to play downloa video you want to change the speed. When the video is playing, click on the "scissors" icon on the playback bar to access 5KPlayer "Video Editing" window. In the right part, choose the speed you prefer by inputting a number or simply using the slider.

    Microsoft Edge Addons

    You are allowed to choose a speed ranging from x0. Click on "Start Preview" to preview the video to ensure the speed is what you need. Also, you can adjust the video speed during the preview. Downlod 5. After the above steps, you can click on "Save file" to output the modified video. Browser extensions are various for browsers are diverse.

    download video speed controller

    Here we will take Video Speed Controller extension for Chrome as an example to give you some reviews plus a how-to-use guide. Thus, you can use the same way to find a proper extension for your Firefox, Opera, Safari, Edge, etc. By using this extension, you can adjust video speed at will like speeding up, slowing down, rewinding and advancing any HTML 5 video with quick shortcuts. Or, simply use the keyboard.

    Video Speed Controller add to watchlist send us an update. Free. 2 screenshots: runs on: Windows 10 32/64 bit. Windows 8 32/64 bit. Windows 7 32/64 bit. file size. Video Speed Controller will change your life. I've been using this extension for over a year and could no longer live without it. Everyone takes in information at different rates, but videos on the internet are in one speed for everyone. With this extension, you can speed up or slow down any video to the *exact* speed that suits your brain to /5(3K). Description. Small Lightweight Extension to control the video speed on any website. Easy to use shortcuts: Reset: Key = "R" Speed Factor + Key = "S" Speed Factor - Key = "A" Speed Factor / 2: Key = "Q" Speed Factor * 2: Key = "W" Speed Factor = 2x: Key = "D" Speed .

    Notice: The overlay will stay hidden in normal situation. If you hover the mouse over the video, it will show up.

    Chrome Web Store

    However, nothing clntroller perfect. It has been reported that this video speed manager is imbued with coolnewtabtheme malware and stops working on new Facebook occasionally. Video editors are prepared for those who want to add some effects to their videos so as to upload to YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, etc to get likes. As you only need to change the speed of your video, we therefore take VideoProc — the simple and lightweight video editor as an example to teach you how to create a fast motion or slow motion video.

    Click on any icon under the thumbnail of the video like "Effect", "Watermark", "Cut", "Crop", "Rotate" and "Subtitle". Here, you can change video speed from "Playback Speed" option. Step 6. An HTML5 video doesn't need a plug-in in order to work, but it may not compatible with all browsers or formats. If you have a bunch of HTML5 videos to watch and you'd like some quick controls to improve your experience, Video Speed Controller conroller give you a helping hand.

    download video speed controller

    After the extension is installed, it will automatically apply its effects on any website. As the tool uses hotkeys to help you with control, you should take a look at the Settings first. Upon accessing the settings, you'll notice that there are two categories — Shortcuts and Other.

    No.1: 5KPlayer - Video Player with Speed Control for Mac/Windows

    Under Shortcuts, you can find seven hotkeys along with their description and value. There are eleven functions in total, and you can enable them all by adding new rows. In case you have to suppress the extension on certain sites, you don't have to use the Disable button, as that button completely stops it. However, if you look a the Other category, you'll notice a field with several addresses that serve as an example.

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    1. Stephen Skaggs:

      Commonly, we have at least one media player on our computer to help play videos and music. If your video player comes with speed control function, you can reach your favorite frame at will.

    2. David Roberts:

      HTML5 videos are clips uploaded on a site directly, included in the code. An HTML5 video doesn't need a plug-in in order to work, but it may not compatible with all browsers or formats.

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